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Knightswood Congregational has Twins

Knightswood Congregational Church is taking steps to twin with Moneyreagh Non-subscribing Presbyterian Church.

At our last Church Meeting it was agreed to take up the idea expressed at the CF Scotland Annual Assembly at Larkhall and seek out churches within the ecumenical setting that we could enter partnership with. It was suggested that churches could seek to 'twin' or create links with other churches of denominations with which they share something in common.

Moneyreagh is one such church in Northern Ireland which is part of the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church and the Right Rev Chris Wilson is minister. Chris is currently the Moderator of that historic and progressive denomination and we at Knightswood Congregational Church are delighted to announce that we have entered into the first formal steps of twinning with Moneyreagh.

A Truly Inclusive Church

We at Knightswood Congregational are proud to announce that we have taken the conscious and well considered decision to become a fully inclusive Church and at our Church Meeting we voted overwhelmingly to opt in for same sex marriage.

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We understand that for some people this may be difficult to accept and cope with but the feeling of the church was to embrace all God's People and not to reject any of them.

We are now going to approach the National Records of Scotland (General Registrar) and sort all the relevent legalities. no imminent weddings for the future are in the pipeline but we wanted you all to know same sex marriage will be available.

We would appreciate everyones support and pray that we will be the first of many to fully embrace all God's People.

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