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Rev Thomas Wilson, or Tom as he is better known, is a Glaswegian originally from the suburb of Maryhill and through the course of time moved around many churches within the West End of Glasgow. He has sat in the pews under the great leadership of the likes of Rev Maxwell Craig (deceased) who was the minister at Wellington Church and after moving to Knightswood, he spent time at nearby Blawarthill under the Rev Neil Galbraith (now at Cathcart Old Parish Church) and it was at Blawarthill that Tom met Tracy.

After a career in the funeral profession, Tom attended the University of Glasgow and studied at the Faculty of Divinity graduating with a Bachelor of Divinity in 1999. That same year Tom married Tracy at the University Memorial Chapel with Neil Galbraith presiding over their ceremony. Tom also began preaching with the former Scottish Congregational Church at Drumchapel Essenside, whilst preaching at other Congregational Federation Churches within Scotland. His claim to fame is that he preached in the Queens Cross United Free Church designed by Charles Rennie (it was in the hall but don’t mention this to Tom).

Tom worked for a while to augment his student income as an administrative assistant with the Centre for Residential Child Care and the Scottish Institute of Residential Child Care where his boss, Tracy, kept a close eye on him, as Tom says, “Nothing really changes there…”

In October 1999, Tom came to the attention of the Rev John Butler who took him under his wing – as John does - and promoted Tom by sending him across the country from Ardrossan to Tillicoultry, Kilwinning and of course Coatdyke and in November of 2000 the church at Coatdyke made it known to Tom that they were vacant. After a courtship and some hurdles the church finally called Tom to be their minister and he was ordained and inducted in May 2001. Tom’s ministry at Coatdyke has been successful in restoring and developing a family church with genuine warmth and a real friendly feel when you enter the sanctuary.

In 2005 the Wilson family was added to by the arrival of Emma and then in 2008 their youngest daughter Katie arrived – or as Tom tells us, “she entered like a whirlwind and has stayed that way.” This was the same year that Tom finally became accredited with the Congregational Federation at Plymouth Assembly.

Tom’s interests are swimming, computers, art, writing and children’s story telling along with further education; he studied successfully for the Certificate in Counselling Skills and has the COSCA Cert but he hopes to add to this in the future by undertaking the Post Graduate Course.

Tom believes that the certificate in counselling added and aided his existing BD from Glasgow; he believes that this allowed him to have a more reflective ministry and a more team orientated ministry. He says, “when you look at old buildings with the keystone in the centre of the archway, it is held there by the other stones – there is no stone of lesser or greater importance as all the stones need each other” and it is with this approach that he hopes to bring some of his skills and experience to Knightswood Congregational Church where he can help to bring the whole team together to promote and serve God’s Kingdom. He has tried to bring that ethos to his current role as Chair of Congregational Federation in Scotland and his story continues as he joins KCC on 1st January 2013.

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